Vehicles function on the Vehicle scale. This means any damage done to personal scale targets (such as a marine or zealot) is increased by 10. and damage dealt to a Massive scale target (such as Battle Cruiser or a Command Center) is divided by 10.

Vulture Hover-bike
Light Reconnaissance Vehicle
AKA. Scavenger Bike_
Incredibly maneuverable and fast, the Vulture hover vehicle is used for fast patrols, light recon or scouting. While the Vulture is supposedly capable of handling any and all maneuvers and crazy stunts that their rider tries to coax from them, they offer little in the way of protection.

Agility d12+d6
Life Points: 6
Speed Class: Very Fast; 12
Special: The Vulture provides only Light Cover to the rider, any called shot to hit the rider is unpenalized except for the cover modification to difficulty.

APG-2 ‘Thumper’ Grenade Launcher
Range Increment: 25 feet.
Damage: d6
Blast Increment: 2 feet.
Rate of Fire: 1
Payload: 30

Laser Canon

Spider Mines


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