traits description

Advanced Education (d2+)
You are a professional scientist, or maybe just enjoyed school more than the other guys, regardless of the reason, you are particularly well educated. Add the trait die as a bonus to any Knowledge roll or other action that would benefit from your studies.

Ace (d2-d4)
You’re a born pilot, be it of a Vulture or Wraith or any other fast moving vehicle. Your split second reaction and preternatural awareness allows you to push your vehicle to the absolute maximum limits. Add your Trait dice to any Piloting roll when piloting a Fast Vehicle at high speeds.
d4: When spending plot points to alter the outcome of a roll or edit the story based on your piloting, you benefit as if you spent 2 extra.

Athlete (d2+)
You are a natural Athlete or trained rigorously in the past, whatever the reason you are in peak physical condition. Add the trait die as a bonus to any Athletic endeavor such as climbing, running, swimming or lifting. Any action that requires endurance and conditioning. Combat actions are not affected by this Trait.
d8: At d8 you may choose to suffer voluntary stun damage in order to increase your chances of success on physical actions. Each point of stun damage counts as if a plot point has been spent. You may use this ability once per 12 hours and it does apply to combat rolls.

Battle Prowess (d4/d6) Your extensive combat training often gives you an edge over your enemies. You may take an extra non attack action, at no multiple action penalty.
d6: For a d6, the extra action may be a standard attack.

Brawler (d2-d6)
Either you are just one tough sonuvabitch or you are highly trained, either way your unarmed attacks are just as deadly as weapons. __Your unarmed attacks deal Basic damage equal to the Trait die.
(Initial damage remains entirely stun.)

Cool Under Fire (d2+)
Gunfire and hectic situations don’t phase or panic you. You keep a cool head in hot water. Add your trait die to avoid being frightened, Intimidated or shaken. This trait also helps you resist torture and suppressive fire.
d6: At level d6 or higher you may immediately spend a plot point to regain control, even after failing a roll to do so.

Dual Wielding (d4)
You are trained to fight as well with your left hand as your right, and may do so without suffering the -2 step penalty for attacking with your offhand. But the usual offhand penalties apply.

Faith (d2+)
You have a strong belief in something; be it yourself, a greater power or an ideal, and at times that ideal can shine through as a light in dark places. Add your trait die to any influence rolls with those who share your beliefs.
d4: At d4 or higher, your Faith provides focus and mental resilience. You may add your Faith dice to any roll involving Willpower.
d8: At d8 or higher, you may be a leader among the faithful. The Benefits of such a position are up to the GM to decide. A High Templar of the Khala are revered by most Protoss but whether this occasions followers or grants influence is up to the GM.

Fast on your Feet (d2-d4)
Through natural ability or rigorous training you are exceptionally light on your feet. Increases your base movement by 5 feet.
d4: Increases your base movement by 10 feet.

Friends in Strange Places(d2+) You know some people that often want to help you out, you rub elbows with the ruling elite, powerful generals, prosperous Corporate CEOs or Black Market Gunrunners, these people have far reaching influence, deep pockets or personal power. Once per session the character may call upon his Friends and make a story edit as if he has used as many plot points as the total value of his Trait die. If the GM does not permit the story edit, than this trait can still be called upon later in the story.

Gearhead (d2+)

traits description

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