Sarah Kerrigan

“Doesn’t take a telepath to know what you’re thinking.”

Attributes Skills Wounds -
Agility d10 Athletics d6 [] []
Strength d6 – Dodge d8 [] []
Vitality d8 Covert d6 [] []
Alertness d10 – Stealth d10 [] []
Intelligence d6 – Infiltration d10 [] []
Willpower d8 Discipline d6 [] []
- – Mental Resistance d8 [] []
Life Points 16 – Interrogation d8 [] []
Initiative d10+d10 Gun d6 [] []
- – rifle d10 [] []
- Melee Weapon Combat d6 [] []
- – Knives d8 [] []
- Perception d6 [] []
- Planetary Vehicles d6 [] []
- Thrown Weapons d6 [] []
- Survival d6 [] []
- Unarmed Commbat d6 - Stun
- – Martial Arts d10 - -
- - - -

Combat Knife – Kerrigan usually has a couple combat knives secreted on her person, a favored weapon she has demonstrated a talent in using. Damage is d4W. Range Increment is 15 feet.

Sniper Rifle – Kerrigan prefers the use of her BOSUN FN9 Gauss Sniper Rifle, it possess a slow rate of fire, but has incredible accuracy, range and power. Damage is d8W, Can fire once per turn, and has a range increment of 300 feet. Using the Sniper Scope allows Kerrigan to observe a subject at 3 times the normal distance.

Hostile Environment Suit – Kerrigan still wears her Ghost suit, mostly do to the enhanced capabilities it provides her in combat. The suit converts 4 wound to stun, and ignore 1 point of stun damage, but is most notable for its cloaking device and sensor arrays. The suit provides Kerrigan with +1 step to her strength attribute.


Fightin’ Type (Major) – Kerrigan is a remarkable warrior, trained to be a deadly weapon, nothing but a living weapon.

Intimidatin’ Manner (Minor) – kerrigan has been trained since a young age to be a deadly weapon and most people sense that about her in the way she holds herself and tread lightly.

Military Rank (Minor) – kerrigan was trained and molded by the Confederate Ghost Project, after defecting she was Second-in-Command for the Son of Korhal.

Mean Left Hook (Minor) – Trained as a deadly weapon, Kerrigan can kill a man with nothing but her bare hands.

Psychic (Major) – Kerrigan is apowerful psychic demonstrating advanced projective and receptive telepathy as well as telekinesis.

Sarah Kerrigan

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