James 'Jim' Raynor V

Howdy boys. I’m Jim Raynor, Marshal of These Parts

Attributes Skills Wounds -
Agility d8 Athletics d6 [] []
Strength d8 – Dodge d8 [] []
Vitality d12 Covert d6 [] []
Alertness d8 Discipline d6 [] []
Intelligence d6 – Intimidation d8 [] []
Willpower d12 – Leadership d8 [] []
- – Mental Resistance d10 [] []
Life Points 26 Guns d6 [] []
Initiative d8+d6 – Assault Rifles d10 [] []
- – Pistol d8 [] []
- Perception d6 [] []
- – Tracking d8 [] []
- – Tactics d8 [] []
- – Investigation d8 [] []
- Planetary Vehicles d6 [] []
- – Vulture d10 [] []
- Survival d6 [] []
- Unarmed Combat d6 [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - [] []
- - - Stun

Pistol – Raynor generally has a C-7 gauss pistol close at hand regardless of where he is or what he’s doing. Can fire up to 3 rounds per turn. Damage d6W. Range Increment 50ft. 10 rounds.

Assault Rifle – When going into combat Raynor will generally arm himself with a C-14 Gauss Assault Rifle, armed with Depleted Uranium Ammunition. Though he may choose different ammunition on a case-by-case basis. Can fire only burst (up to three times per turn) or Fully Automatic (as a full-turn action). Damage d8W. Range Increment 150 feet. 500 rounds.

CMC Powered Armor Suit – When Expecting to see particularly gritty and dangerous combat, Raynor dons his CMC 300 Powered Combat Armor. The Armor provides 4 points of basic damage reduction, and reduces 4 wound to stun, as well as additional features discussed in the official entry.

Vulture Hover Bike – Raynor generally prefers to enter hostile terrain on his Vulture Hover Bike, of which he is a proficient pilot. His Hover Bike is equipped with a payload of spider mines, an anti-personnel laser system and enhanced ion thrusters.


Battle Prowess (d6) – Jim Raynor has tons of military experience and he has proven himself to be a soldier to be reckoned with.

Faith: In Himself (d4) – Jim doesn’t give up on himself, he knows that hes one of the few men in the Galaxy that will stand up and do whats right regardless of the consequences. And often, that knowledge gives him strength.

Renowned (d4) – Jim Raynor is known to be an honorable and trustworthy man, loyal to his friends and crew.

“James Raynor was the most decent man I ever encountered during the fall of the Confederacy. Everyone else, I can safely say, was either a victim or a villain or quite often both. At first glance, Raynor seems like a backwoods cowboy, one of those good old boys swapping lies about the days gone by. There’s a cocksureness, an overconfidence about him that makes you bridle initially. Yet over time you come to see him as a valuable ally and-dare I say it?-a friend. It all comes from belief. Jim Raynor believed in himself and believed in those around him. And from that strength came the strength that allowed him and those who followed him to survive everything else the universe threw at him. Jim Raynor was a most decent and honorable man. I suppose that’s why his is the greatest tragedy in this godforsaken war.” -Michael Liberty

Intimidating (d4) – Raynor is the type of person that never has to raise his voice, he commands respect. The toughest soldier shuts up when Raynor starts talking, and most folk have a healthy dose of fear and respect for the Marshal.

Military Service (d4) – Raynor is a career Military man, having served in several different militaries in his life.

Tough (d4) – Raynor doesn’t go down without a fight and has a tendency to take far more punishment than he should. He’s Stubborn as a mule and tough as stone.

Branded (d4) – Raynor is a wanted fugitive by the Confederacy for consorting with the Sons of Korhal extremist group.

Oath (d6) – Jim is a hero in the truest sense of the word, he will sacrifice everything he has to give including himself in order to do what he thinks is right, to help those that need it. It has caused him some trouble, including forcing his defection from not just one but several different military regimes.

Loyal: Crew (d4) – Raynor will do just about anything to keep those under his commmand safe and see that they survive the day.

Overconfident (d4) – Raynor is a pretty cocky S.O.B, selfsure and ready to take on anything. He often finds himself in over his head, until now he’s been able to handle it, but you never know what the future holds.

Prejudice: Confederate (d4) – Jim considers just about anyone in the higher echelon of the Confederacy to be untrustworthy and a total pain in the ass.

James 'Jim' Raynor V

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