Character Creation


When the Game Master begins a Campaign he assigns the one of the three heroic levels for the crew. This level is a gauge to determine how experienced and prepared to handle specific tasks. This sets the tone for the entire Campaign. Most characters start out as Novices – those that are just now coming into a bigger scarier galaxy, the difficulties they face will be tailored to those of their experience and probably not get them killed (at least not right away). As the characters progress in experience they will be ready to handle some more important responsibilities and dangerous and important missions.

Alternately, the GM may choose to start the crew as veterans or even Elites, experienced and highly trained individuals that can be expected to handle some of the more important responsibilities and missions.


A Novice character starts with 42 Attribute points, and 62 Skill points.


A Veteran character starts with 48 Attribute points, 68 Skill points, and 4 Trait Points.


An Elite character starts with 54 Attribute points, 74 Skill points and 8 Traits Points.


A Character Concept is what these collection of arbitrary numbers mean, it puts the role in role playing game. It gives a little excitement to what could normally be a boring collection of numbers rolling dice to meet arbitrary difficulties. Maybe you have an idea for a lonewolf marshal from a backwater world that may not be the smartest guy in the galaxy but he makes up for it with determination and ingenuity, or perhaps you want to play a psychic teenager that has escaped or recently graduated from her Ghost Training Facility and joined up with a group of rebels. Perhaps you are a Protoss enamored by the ideas of the Dark Templar or intrigued by the mysteries of the Xel’Naga, perhaps you are a Zealot that has an uncontrollable hatred of the Zerg (even stronger than most people, which is saying alot!) after seeing what they do to any world they find.

A Concept doesn’t have to be anything longwinded or fancy if you don’t want it to be, starting with just a simple sentence is usually enough to get the idea growing from there. A few words might sell the idea. “Confederate Marine Deserter” or even “Wily Smuggler out to make a buck.” Unless the GM has a specific idea in mind, remember that the game does not have to take place in a strict military regime. The characters can be mercenaries, smugglers or a local militia. Hell just ordinary Joe and Janes thrown into a bad situation can be an exciting character to play.


Your choices for Races are a bit limited with Terrans (Humans) and Protoss being the only two races considered as a general playable race. The Zerg are unfit as playable races due to their generally limited intelligence and submission to the psychic control of the hive mind, though a GM may choose to allow a particularly willful or experimental Zerg strain (such as an infested Terran) as a playable character, that is not general expected and will not be covered here.

A Note on Racial Balance: The Character Creation Process for the Protoss and Terrans are identical. While the Protoss are supposed to be Physically and Mentally superior to humans, in the case of character balance, It is considered that the Equivelent starting characters are a slightly more inexperienced Protoss and a slightly more experienced Terran.

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Character Creation

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